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     Basic Summary
    Weinan Kesai Machinery and Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd established in 2000 years,register capital is 5 millions RMB.Total capital is 150 millions RMB and the areas is Fifty-two thousands square meters.
Weinan Kesai head office has two branch companies and 4 shared companies. Branch company:Xi’an Kesai Image Science and Technology Co., Ltd and Xi’an Dexin photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd; shared company: Wuhan Kesai Intelligent Electronic Co. ,Ltd,Weinan Zhencheng Ink Jet Science and Technology Co., Ltd,Weinan Shenli Environment Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, Weinan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


     Enterprise and production

    Weinan Kesai Machinery and Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd, it is very famous in China Printing Industry, it is on top in Printing and package machine control field.we are devoting ourselves to research ,manufacture and sell automatic control products in printing package industry, set up long terms cooperation with more than 90% printing machine companies.
    Main production:ST3000,ST2000E+ ,ST2000E,ST2000E-V, ST2000F, ST2000F-V,ST2000B, ST2000C Color Register Control System; Printing Quality Detection System; KS2000II, KS2000III Video Inspection System.Electronic Shaft Control System; Seven- motor Tension Control System;Web Guider System;stroboscope; UV digital printing system etc. More than 30 productions.
     Main Glorious Certificate:
     The ST2000® series color register control system are researched and developed by our company, It has achieved global advanced level and leading level that confirmed by science and technology department of Shaanxi province, has filled up the blank of our domestic market.Gained the title”High-Tech production” by Science and Technology department of Shaanxi province.. Confirmed as “2003 national key new production plan “by ministry of Science and Technology. In 2004,the company had gained the reward of “Top 100 Science and Technology enterprise in Shaanxi Province China.
     Our production is sold to all the world, using by many famous companies .Our automatic color register control system sale keep leader more than 20 years,market share is more than 70% in domestic market.Some production is exported to India, Korean, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, USA, Canada etc. 60 countries and areas.
       Research and Development Team
    We have three research and development teams: Weinan Kesai Research and Development Department, Xi’an Kesai Research and Development Department, Wuhan Kesai Research and Development Department.there are more than 80 persons in Research and Development department,with certificate of bachelor or above degree,three external expert. We have long research and development cooperation with Xi’an Jiaotong University,Changan University, Xi’an University of Technology.
   Sale and Service Team
   There are more than 40 Electronic engineers in sale and service team, and more than half engineers have more than 20 years service market department has 5 sale office(Wenzhou Office,Eastern China Office,South China Office,Oversea Office, North-west Office),4 service office( Shandong office, Hebei Office, North-east Office, South-west office)
The quick ,accurate,efficient sale system and perfect service guarantee management which are convenient to all clients greatly and quickly push the industry development.


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