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                                                                                                   Glorious History
1. Weinan Kesai Machinery and Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd established In 2000 years, and registered  
    capital is 5 Million RMB
2. In 2001 years, based CAN communication 2000® automatic color register control system used in the
    market successfully and received high value and good name from clients, it is the milestone of automatic
    color register control system for advanced control and communication in the whole world.
3. In 2002 years, set up South China Office, Eastern China Office, Wenzhou Office.
4. In2004 years,set up first branch company: Xi’an Dexin Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
5. In2005 years, set up the first oversea office in the second population India, received high evaluation from
    India client.
6. In 2007years,moved to new adds, from Weinan city center to High-Tech Park, the plant area is 
   1000square meter, and green area is 3000 square meter with many flowers and trees. it is garden plant.
7. In 2008 years, partnered with Weinan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
8. In 2009 years partnered with Weinan Shenli Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd.
9. In 2013years, set up second branch company: Xi’an Kesai Image Science and Technology Co.,Ltd.
10. In 2014 years, partnered with Wuhan Kesai Intelligent Eelectroinc Co., Ltd.
11. In 2015 years, partnered with Weinan Zhencheng Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
12. In 2015 years, Electronic shaft register transmission, driver, control, all in one system.emerged, filled
     up the blank of our domestic market.
13. In 2016, group sale mode has been scale , sell more than 30 productions by head office directly.
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